Connor Bedard Young Guns Card Takes the Spotlight

Connor Bedard Young Guns Card Takes the Spotlight. Can you feel the excitement in the air? The release of Upper Deck Series Two Hockey on March 6th has collectors all hyped up. And what’s got everyone buzzing? It’s none other than Connor Bedard’s Young Guns card.

Rookie Mania

Rookie cards are like gold in the world of trading cards, and Bedard’s card is no exception. Just like the iconic cards of legends like Wayne Gretzky and modern-day superstars like Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby, Bedard’s card is a must-have for collectors.

Throwback Vibes

The buzz around Bedard’s card reminds us of the frenzy surrounding Eric Lindros’ “Future Superstar” rookie card back in 1990-91. That card shot up in value real quick, but as Lindros’ career unfolded, its popularity cooled off. It’s a classic example of how things work in the trading card world.

Limited Edition

These days, trading card companies don’t churn out as many cards as they used to. While we don’t know the exact numbers, Bedard’s Young Guns card is considered a rare find, making it even more desirable. And Bedard isn’t just in one card – he’s got multiple versions, including the cool “Dazzlers” subset.

Hard to Find Treasures

Besides the regular Bedard card, there are other special versions out there that collectors are drooling over. These fancy ones, like Deluxe (#/250), Exclusives (/100), Outburst Red (/25), High Gloss (/10), and the super-exclusive 1-of-1 Outburst Gold, could fetch a pretty penny.

A Star in the Making

Last September, Bedard showed up at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase in Arlington, VA, co-sponsored by Upper Deck. He was skating, posing for pics, and even signing autographs for Upper Deck. It was an awesome event that got collectors even more hyped up for his cards.

Ready for Action

As the release date for Upper Deck Series Two Hockey gets closer, the buzz around Connor Bedard’s Young Guns card just keeps growing. With its rarity and Bedard’s stellar performance in the NHL, collectors are counting down the days until they can add this gem to their collections.